Let’s celebrate with Eliza...how will that look?

The Process

An obligation free meeting (at no cost to you)

You might feel comfortable booking with me straight away or you might like to meet first virtually or even in person. This video chat or casual meeting (agreed venue) provides an opportunity to discuss the process of marriage in Australia and what your ideal ceremony would be. I would love to get to know you both!

To help make your decision please read these real wedding articles where I was the celebrant!

Signing legal documents

The Notice of Intended Marriage, must be completed and lodged with your celebrant no later than one month before your intended marriage date.

I will need a copy of your birth certificate, the end of any previous marriage/s (if relevant) and drivers’ licenses or passports before we meet to sign this form.

A Notice of Intended Marriage Form can be found online.

Ceremony creation

We can design your ceremony together with as much or as little input as you like and it can be created with my thorough guide of suggestions.

It is so important to me that your ceremony is tailored specifically to you and reflects you as a couple. The process of ceremony creation is always collaborative and it’s the little personalised extras that really makes it special.

A final meeting

Before the ceremony, we will come together to go through the ceremony either at the venue or an agreed location. You may choose to have a simple discussion about the ceremony, casual rehearsal or I can simply guide you on the day. The rehearsal can just be the three of us or you can invite along your entire bridal party.

The Ceremony

The best part of being a celebrant is of course the ceremony and it is always an incredible celebration filled with happiness, laughter and love.

I arrive early to set up, work with the venue or suppliers, meet with anyone involved in the ceremony, calm the guests and be there to support you. I will officiate and present your ceremony, including managing the required legal paperwork if applicable to register your marriage according to Australian Law.

In addition at no extra charge, I can bring a portable PA system on a stand with a portable microphone and this can also be used for your ceremony music if you are not having live musicians.

Please view the example video below to gain a better understanding of what it would be like to work with me as your celebrant.

Follow Up

An email will be sent after your ceremony to review the big day, share photos or kind words and for any further help needed including changing your name.

If you marry in Australia you can take the surname of your husband or wife without formally changing your name. You can change identity documents (such as your driver’s licence, passport, Medicare, banks, ATO, utilities, phone carrier, insurance, health providers etc) to your married surname by providing a copy of your standard marriage certificate. The government charges a fee of $60 to apply for a marriage certificate (for formal name changing purposes) and I do not include this in my fees as it is not something every couple wishes to do.

After your Wedding Ceremony, I can assist you in changing your name or you can simply go online to change it yourself.