A wedding ceremony checklist

The ceremony is one of the most important moments of the day or night and really sets the tone for the rest of the celebration. Often it feels like it is just another part of the day that needs to be organised for couples so here’s an easy checklist to plan a memorable ceremony;

  • Pick a date (and time) that’s important to you or suits you both
  • Think about the feel of the ceremony. What will the vibe be like, the background setting or even how many guests will be there?
  • Book a venue with a good wet weather plan and easy parking (consider chairs for guests, cover for rain or shade and if it includes a signing table + chairs)
  • Choose a celebrant with portable equipment to make the ceremony audible (microphone, speakers, etc)
  • Book a photographer who will capture the memories of the ceremony. You might like to make a little list of photos that are important to you to be taken including when you first see each other, the guests, the rings, the signing, the kiss, the exit etc.
  • Decide who will be involved in your wedding (bridal party, readers, rings, ushers, music helper) and don’t forget two witnesses are required to sign your legal documents
  • Will you play music through the speakers or book musicians? Either is beautiful!
  • Start creating a music playlist with suitable songs for the entry, signing and exit (plus easy listening for guests before and after the ceremony)
  • You might like to pick wedding rings but of course this is not a requirement
  • Will you have flowers around you or petals dropped? (A little trick: You can use your bouquet/s on the signing table to decorate it and make it look pretty for just that 10 minutes too!)
  • Do you need to purchase or prepare any extras? A welcome sign, baskets, natural confetti/bubbles, candles, frames with photos to remember loved ones etc.
  • Post ceremony celebratory drinks or light snacks. I love a grazing board these days and some bubbles with guava juice always is a favourite.
  • How is your exit going to look? A kiss, instructions given, loved ones congratulating you, walking down the aisle to grab a drink, music played, bubbles blown?
  • Think about the ceremony finishing (approximately what time), photos that need to be taken and the reception commencing. Let the party begin!

The ceremony is a short part of the whole day but a very significant one and it is important to put some effort into making it special. After all, the ceremony is the reason why you are there!